Thanks to digital solutions, producers can now produce more effectively, increase productivity, and develop new business models.

Nevertheless, the future of industry offers even greater potential: Making use of cutting-edge technology will offer both discrete and process industries the opportunity to meet individual customer needs.

Industrial companies of all sizes can take advantage of the Digital Enterprise solution portfolio for automation and digitalization. In this way, they can harness Industrie 4.0’s full potential and prepare for the next stage of their digital transformation journey.

A digital scope is created when a new product is developed, a new plant is planned, or a product is produced with the assistance of digital tools. By combining physics-based simulations with data analytics, Al Adiyat’s industry 4.0 audits create new insights. As a result, innovations can be realized faster and with greater reliability, while requiring significantly fewer actual prototypes. Whenever a product is manufactured or a plant is opened, more data is generated. We are collecting, analyzing, and feeding back onto development performance data from production and real products.

Integrating cutting-edge technologies to prepare for the future

Digital Enterprise’s integrated technologies enable smart data usage. Bringing together information technology and operational technology opens up the next stage of digital transformation of industry.

  • Industrial Edge computing

You can now bring digitalization directly into your manufacturing and automation systems with Industrial Edge. Using this method, you can combine the benefits of local, especially highly performant data processing with those of the cloud: application-based data analytics, infrastructure as a service, and centralized updates.

  • Augmented reality and artificial intelligence

All enterprises will be able to master future challenges with the help of new IT technologies. In order to offer the future of automation, Al Adiyat continuously integrates these technologies into its portfolio.

  • Industrial 5G

Manufacturing products and maintaining factories will be transformed by industrial 5G. Industrial 5G’s unparalleled reliability, low latency, and comprehensive IIOT connectivity will help pioneer new industrial applications.