Aladiyat offers Enterprise Architecture Services to help organizations plan and implement a technology architecture that will maximize performance and scalability.

Because of our vendor-neutral stance, the global network of technology expertise, ecosystem relationships, and innovation abilities, we can add value to our client’s business. Technology systems and standards are evolving, making it more difficult to align and integrate IT systems in a way that makes them more adaptable, predictable, and easier to maintain while providing a platform for organizations to integrate new and existing capabilities.

Business transformation and innovation are driven in part by EA. EA enables organizations to manage and adapt to any market or environmental disruptions. The EA helps analyze the organization’s operations and business capabilities, as well as provide a better understanding of its operations. It focuses on the operational level of business, whereas BA stresses the strategic level. EA facilitates organizational change in governance and assurance.

Enterprise Architecture at Al Adiyat

Even simple events can trigger enterprise architecture, allowing your organization to assess and adapt to any future disruptions. Considering unexpected economic and business effects caused by COVID-19, it is important for organizations to have an Enterprise Architecture (EA) in place to cope with business and market disruptions because of the unpredictability of change.

  • Defining and assessing architecture

Prioritizing, operating, and managing technologies and systems under the vision, principles, standards, and roadmap.

  • Software engineering

Using automation to migrate legacy systems into Java or Net, we incubate new application and system development capabilities.

  • Agile and DevOps transformation

Besides reducing operational costs and enhancing delivery speed, we help our clients develop and implement DevOps and Agile strategies.