Internet of things (IoT) solutions such as infrastructure, apps, and security are capturing data captured at the Intelligent Edge to drive better experiences and operations.

Connecting the unconnected creates opportunities for faster insights because devices are rapidly becoming available. Aladiyat’s Internet of Things (IoT) solutions help businesses gain deeper insights, improve customer engagement, and develop new products and services. Transform your organization into an IoT-enabled, future-ready organization by accelerating your response time to new insights and leveraging data from connected devices.

Al Adiyat helps you maximize the ROI of your internet of things initiatives by unlocking capital trapped in legacy infrastructure, optimizing cloud costs, accelerating the migration to new technologies, and accelerating the transition to entrepreneurial ventures.

IoT from Aladiyat is Suitable For

  • IoT Gateway Vendors

An operating system with a mature and flexible edge computing and analytics capability

  • OEM Device Manufacturers

Framework for managing and monitoring your devices in a white-label manner

  • Engineering companies and system integrators

Development of low-code IoT solutions with advanced bricks

  • Enterprises

A single place for controlling smart assets and their digital twins

  • Telecom Operators

Integrated IoT services on your network and in the cloud