Chairman Muneer Alkatib
Chairman & General Manager

Chairman Muneer Alkatib has 34 years of experience working for a global leader, Saudi Aramco. His vast expertise in the oil & gas industry involves working at Berri Gas Plant, a major milestone in the industrialization of KSA.

With in-depth knowledge and hands-on-experience of production facilities, he has seen the transformation of industries and the impact technology can bring to manufacturing. At Aladiyat, he leads the way to realize his vision, which includes turning Madinah into a technology hub and leading destination for digital transformation.

Director Abdulmoti Alkatib
Director, Finance & HR

Director Abdulmoti Alkatib has more than 38 years of experience with Saudi Airlines. He served his life for the people of Saudi Arabia with dedication and resilience. As a seasoned Engineer, he has seen decades of organizational transformation through technology solutions.

At Aladiyat, he is responsible for all finance and HR related matters. His vision for Aladiyat includes bridging the gap between educational institutions and the industry through collaborative projects and initiatives.

Director Ahmad Alkatib

Director Ahmad Alkatib is an Instrumentation Engineer with more than 17 years of experience at SABIC, Saudi Arabia’s leading chemical manufacturing company. As a Safety and Operations Engineer by profession, he has extensive experience in commissioning, pre-commissioning and shutdown activities.

With Director Ahmad’s knowledge and expertise, Aladiyat is well equipped to solve the problems facing the manufacturing industry. He has a long-term vision for Madinah to become a digital transformation hub that caters to the digitalization of industrial plants nationwide.

Director Osama Alkatib

Director Osama Alkatib is an Instrumentation and Control Systems Engineer by degree. He has years of experience at Schlumberger and currently works as an Intelligent Completion Field Supervisor where he leads his team in designing and deploying well completion.

As a young entrepreneur, Director Osama is filled with energy and keen to implement innovative ideas in the manufacturing industry. He is an advocate of industry 4.0 standards and hopes to fulfill his vision of a sustainable future for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through Aladiyat.

Eng. Bushair Alkatib
CEO & Principal SAP Consultant

Engineer Bushair Alkatib has more than 25 years of experience in SBM as a senior IBM/SAP Consultant and Solutions Architect. He is a certified SAP professional with expertise in SAP FI, CO-PA, ECC and S/4 Hana. He is a Hyper Care Specialist in multiple SAP modules and has implementation experience in IFRS 8, 14 and 15 compliance controlling and reporting.

As an electronics and communications engineering graduate, he has developed his skill in SAP integration for industrial plants. At Aladiyat, Eng. Bushair spends his time creating long-term strategies while offering his valuable advice to clients and the technical team.

Eng. Sabith Nalakath
VP, Business Development

Engineer Sabith is a graduate from the University of Liverpool with a BE in Mechatronics and Robotic Systems. He finished his masters in Production Engineering from King Abdul Aziz University in Jeddah. He also has a post-graduate diploma in Industrial Automation.

In the past decade, Sabith has built his own IT company in India and worked with numerous customers in setting their digital strategies. At Aladiyat, he is responsible for establishing and growing the company internally and externally.