We empower you to harness the power of Industry 4.0 with industrial automation and controls, as well as edge analytics.

We continue to redefine conventional standards by helping customers get the most out of the Industrial Internet by creating the genius remotes and modernizing the PLC with outcomes-optimizing controllers.

Aladiyat’s next generation of industrial automation and control solutions optimize industrial processes to help you achieve greater performance while increasing safety and security.

Our products integrate PACEdge and Linux platforms to meet a wide range of demands, including wellheads, well pads, pipelines, terminals, offshore storage facilities, remote monitoring, and controls for refinery equipment. Monitoring equipment health in challenging environments, predicting failures before they occur, and ensuring complete safety.

Automated solutions designed for Industry 4.0

  • Oil & Gas

Oil and gas operations can be made smarter and more profitable by eliminating guesswork.

  • Food & Beverage

Enhance overall machine effectiveness (OEE) and production by using IoT and automation.

  • Power & Renewables

Gain a competitive advantage by overcoming some of the renewable energy’s biggest challenges.

  • Water & Wastewater

By using smarter controls and insights, transport water safely and efficiently.